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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Va form 21-686c 2017-2022

Instructions and Help about Va form 21-686c 2017-2022

Hi my name is Rick lemansky and I work for some a school offices if you're watching this video today it's because you or a loved one are receiving veterans benefits from the VA and you've received in the mail an eligibility verification report or what we call for short and EVR today I'd like to go over how to fill out the EV are so you can it can help you to understand the proper information that you need if the EVR is filled out incorrectly it could cost you a delay in your veterans benefits or a reduction in your benefits or they could turn off the benefit completely for you so it's important that you fill out the application properly the application that i have with me today is the EV are for veteran with no children or veteran with spouse and i'm going to go through this form line by line number by number so you can follow along with your form at home when you receive the form portions of it will be filled out for you your name your address will be on the form your social security number your spouse's social security number those pieces of information will be on the form for you you must verify that they are correct and if they are not correct you must make changes in the boxes that they give you so on the form itself form 1 or section 1a it lists your social security number and in section 1 B the veterans or your spouse's social security number check the numbers make sure that they're correct if they are in box one see you check the box yes that they are correct moving to 1d they ask for the name of your spouse right your spouse's name in there obviously and his or her date of birth section 2 it asks for your marital status and you have three choices they're married living with spouse married not living with spouse or not married typically everyone is married living with spouse unless your spouse has deceased if you're not living with your spouse your spouse lives in a different community or in a facility assisted living you must check that box and you must put in the amount that you contributed to his or her care but typically the box that you're checking his box one married living with spouse box number three at lists number of unmarried dependent children and there are three lines there in your custody typically it's zero not in your custody zero and the amount that you contributed for their care in the year and that's typically 02 if you have an adult dependent child then you need to check or fill out the number of children that you have and how much you contributed to their income but again typically this is zero in this section section 4a are you a patient in a nursing home this is.


How much does the VA pay for a dependent spouse?
$150 a month for a spouse with no children. $259 a month for a spouse with a child. $75 a month for each additional child.
Do I get more VA disability with dependents?
Monthly VA Dependent Benefits. While the disabled veteran is still living, the VA increases the compensation available to veterans with more than a disability rating of at least 30% if they have a spouse and/or dependents (click here for the rate tables).
Does the VA pay for dependents?
As the spouse or dependent child of a Veteran or service member, you may qualify for certain benefits, like health care, life insurance, or money to help pay for school or training.
Who completes the VA form 21 4192?
Use VA Form 21-4192 if you're a Veteran and you need your most recent employer to send us information so you can apply for Individual Unemployability disability benefits. Your most recent employer must complete and submit this form.
How much do you get per dependent in VA?
Breaking Down VA Disability Pay Rates for Each Family Situation Dependent Status30%50%Veteran with Two Parents and Child$528.15$1,042.41Add for Each Additional Child Under Age 18$24.00$41.00Each Additional Schoolchild Over Age 18 (see footnote a)$79.00$133.00Additional for A/A spouse (see footnote b)$46.00$76.005 more rows
What is the purpose of VA form 21 686c?
Use VA Form 21-686c to submit a claim for additional benefits for a dependent, or to request to remove a dependent from your benefits.
How much does 100 VA disability pay with dependents?
70 - 100% Disability Dependent Status70%100%Veteran with Child$1,615.95$3,456.30Each Additional Child Under 18$64.00$92.31Each Additional Schoolchild Over 18$208.00$298.18Additional for A/A spouse$119.00$170.383 more rows • 1 Dec 2021
What is a VA form 21 0781a?
Use VA Form 21-0781a if you've been diagnosed with PTSD related to or because of personal assault, and you want to apply for related benefits or services.
What is a VA Form 21?
How do I submit an intent to a file?
Go to www.ebenefits.va.gov to register or log in, and. initiate a claim. complete the personal information page. hit save to establish your effective date (you'll have one year to complete your application from this date)
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